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Global Supplier of Cocoa from God's own Country

With Over 30 Years of Experience in Cocoa and situated in a region ideal for the best quality crop, we have grown to be the largest company in India to Procure, Process and Supply Cocoa.

Our promise to our customers is our commitment to train and empower cocoa farmers for a sustainable crop supply chain based on quality & ethos at the farm level.

We work closely with the cocoa farmer communities to improve their quality of agriculture methods, assist better livelihood and secure a long term responsible supply of sustainable cocoa.

Farmers are trained from selection of best hybrid seedlings to application of good agricultural practices. Our produce thus obtains premium quality and prices in the market.

What we do



India Cocoa specializes in cocoa beans from best of geographical origins. Every origin possesses its own differentiating characteristics and flavour profiles and we can assist you in finding the right match for your very own chocolate creations.



Throughout its more than 30 years of experience, India Cocoa has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in the field of procurement & fermentation of cocoa beans. With extensive reach and coverage in all growing regions, we have established our own fermentation units to ensure quality outcomes.



Our process control begins right in the farm by segregating fully ripe cocopods, devoid of infestation and pest damage. Wet beans obtained by opening such A grade pods undergo special fermentation processes in our own fermentation units. Fully fermented beans are sun dried, cleaned and size graded resulting in high quality dry beans output.



Quality of our chocolate couverture, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder are natural outcomes of our commitment to farmer partnerships and deeper involvement in quality control right from the farm level.



Backed by the sound knowledge of our R & D team, we can talk about quality, flavour, costs and product strategies to address all kinds of customer requirements. Right from cocoa beans to final chocolate packaging, we will be glad to support our customers in every step of their business process.


India cocoa's



Various kinds of pure chocolate masses are obtained by mixing cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and milk in various proportions which undergoes refining and conching processes for several hours. All our chocolate couverture are made using swiss recipes and the best of European machines as per international standards.


Cocoa liquor is obtained by grinding shelled and roasted cocoa beans (nibs) into a paste. This product is also known as cocoa mass.


Cocoa butter is the fat obtained by pressing liquid cocoa liquor. After the pressing process, the butter is filtered and poured in cartons to store in solidified form.


Cocoa powder is ground residual cocoa cake left after pressing.

End User Products

  • 70% Dark Couverture
  • 50% Dark Couverture
  • Milk Couverture

Industrial Products

  • Cocoa Liquor
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cocoa Powder

Custom Products

  • Sugar Free Couverture
  • 50%-90% Dark Couverture
  • Organic Couverture

Support / Research

  • Moulding Requirements
  • Fillings Developments
  • Packaging Design
  • Hands on Training
  • Pilot Support

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